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Tips on Hiring

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1.) Speak to the Group Representative and ask questions.

2.) A regular mariachi group consists of from 5 to 9 members. Three musicians are a trio.

3.) Many groups charge per group member, ask how many members their price includes.

4.) Student groups generally charge less per member, but have larger groups and may have a limited repertoire.

5.) All-Female groups are really great but very few exist. Their rarity commands a premium. Rates are usually 15% to 25% higher than all-male or mixed groups.

6.) If you're in doubt about hiring a certain group, ask to hear a sample of their music, YouTube video or ask to attend a rehearsal. Groups should be happy to oblige.

7.)  If you have to leave a deposit, you should ask for a receipt. If your event requires any special instructions or requests ask for a contract. Make sure it specifies minimum players, per hour rate, number of hours, time allowed for cancellations both sides.
Groups should have no problem with signing a contract and granting any specific requests (color of suits, female groups, exotic instruments, special songs, hour to begin, etc.,)

Hire History And Tradition Here

For that extra touch add live music to your next event.

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Hire mariachi from Mariachi Plaza de Los Angeles.

Mantenga Tradicion

Keep Tradition Alive by hiring groups at the Mariachi Plaza in Boyle Heights, LA. When you visit the Mariachi Plaza to hire a group, your speaking directly with group representatives, where you'll get the best prices.

Tradition Not Commission!

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Not so many years ago if you needed to hire a mariachi you would have to visit Olvera Street or the Mariachi Plaza. Those were the two best choices, and you were happy knowing just where to go to hire authentic mariachi at the real prices.

Tradition No Commissions!

Today you can still maintain tradition and receive true value. Visit the Mariachi Plaza in LA, or use the Mariachi Plaza Directory and speak directly with group representatives for the best rates.


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